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Empowering sales

Improve cash-flow by automatically sending invoices to your customers for early payments -with built-in e=mail sending capability of your Inteacc+ ERP systems. Automnated e-mail and SMS to customers and salespersons on specific day of the month, Upload and download sales target from/to Excel; Customer service performance KPI; Sales target and performance of Territories on Google map with interactive data; Automated email to the process owner when the sales order or delivery order pending exceeding a predefined duration; Delivery pending and delay alerts, reports to target audience

Meeting plan / market / customer visit plan / Customer order taking "on-the-go" - visual plan by using calendar integrated with AthenaERP system; Market visit report, supervisor's monitoring (CRM is available as a seperate product that can be integrated with ERP systems)

Capture customer order online directly from customers to accelerate fulfillment; Share customer's order status, receivables; Customers achievements etc. (available as add-on product to the ERP systems)


A Complete, comprehensive and end to end Supply Chain Management 

Integrated sales forecasting module empowered by different algorithems and human

Integrated distribution planning and execution for single to multi distribution centre and fleets management to deliver high performance customer service and order management

Production planning for discrete and process manufacturing. Production capacity and loads balancing; Capacity planning.

Inventory management for finished goods and raw materials

Commercial operations that performs the shipping logistics, Invoicing, Accounts Receivable and collection of sales proceeds

Bidding, Comparative decision making, vendor management, Purchasing. Integrated with Accounts Payable and Inventory management.  


Production and quality operations management

Production scheduling and execution management; Visual planning in Gantt Chart model; 

Quality labs resources planning, quality test operations manegement, batch quality test tracking and management, quality release management for both manufactured and procured materials

Product Costing and Cost Analysis

Standard costing model and measurement of variances (materials price variance, cost variances, overhead variance etc)
Allocation of factory overheads to product cost using a dynamic set of allocation rules
Import consignment product costing.
Cost analysis by cost centre and operations

Financial Accounting

Business unit accounting, Group accounts consolidation; Financial performance analysis, financial reporting

Accounts Receivable

Age analysis of receivables; Automatic reminder setting; System generated e-mail, letter generation to support smooth collection of sales proceeds. This is generated based on used definable rule/conditions.

Accounts Payable

A/P against purchase of goods is cross-matched and controlled to ensure payment accuracy, due date tracking and alerts, credit period, credit limit management, automatic goods receipt report sent to vendor with short-excess delivery.


Product and Product family-wise profitability Analysis; Profit and loss accounts by product family, business unit. Real-time Gross-profit report in dashboard.

HR and Performance Management

Priority setting / annual objects setting and discussion with manager; performance management system; annual objectives, evaluation of performance, key performance and areas for improvement; mid-year review; Performance rating; Development plan and integrated with training module; Career plan

HR Recruitments

Head-count budget and tracking; Recruitment request and electronic approval; CV bank and internal searching of candidates; Interview scheduling and scoring; Selection process and

Training and Developments

Training and development plan and management for the employees; Training records; Integrate training plan with Employee Calendar

Leave Systems

Online leave application; Online approval; Leave balance, carry forward options, leave administration


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