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Discrete or Process Manufacturing - integrated with supply chain ensuring best in class customer sevice and Growth

Whether you Make to Stock, Make to Order of Engineer to Order, InteAcc ERP Systems has all the tools and processes there to support.

Multi-Industry support

Whether a widely grown group of companies or a growing company, the same ERP system is equality configurable to multiple industries sectors. If it is a pure manufacturing company, a trading company, a distribution company, Garments or real-estate company.. Inteacc AthenaERP fits all of them.

Multi-stage manufacturing and multi-level BOM 

Configurable from simple single step manufacturing to complex multi-stage manufacturing. Supports multi-step Bill of Materials

Integrated with Cost Accounting

Measure cost and financial performance, Calculate product manufacturing costs, production efficiency in financial perspective

Integrated with Supply Chain Planning and Capacity Management

Production capacity, order promizing and supply planning integrated with production management and control


Manage a simple to complex manufacturing operations in a simple and productive way.


Manage and assure quality of procured and produced products.