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Production Operations

Schedule and Execute production, Manage resources. 

  1. PRODUCTION SCHEDULE AND PLANNING HORIZON - user definable horizon for production scheduling (short term) and planning horizon (mid-long term)
  2. PRODUCTION CAPACITY PLANNING - Manage production capacity for both short-term (for scheduling) and mid-long term (for planning)
  3. CAPACITY PLAN  BY MACHINE AND BY WORK-SHIFT - no-more use of excel for planning, no more need to use external tool for planning with lot of maintenance overhead and issues. You plan your production schedule by machine and by work-shift. You can also plan overtime hours when recessary i.e. when you need to push a bit to make sure delivering product to customers doors on-time. 
  4. SUPPORTED DIFFERENT MANUFACTURING STRATEGIES - whether you make to stock, make to order or engineer to order - all of them are supported. Batch managed production or continuous production - all are the production processes that INTEACC ERP manufacturing systems works for.
  5. INTEGRATED QUALITY MANAGEMENT - The manufacturing system is fully integrated with quality management, whether it is related to incoming materials from vendors where a quality release is mandatory or the quality release is necessary for manufactured goods.